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Welcome to Forbes for September 10th, 2012, from Audible. This edition contains seven feature articles. In the cover story, we´ll tell you about... Shahid Khan: The New Face of the NFL and the American Dream. With sweat and smarts, Pakistan-born Shahid Khan built a $3.4-billion manufacturing juggernaut from the ruins of an Illinois auto-parts maker. To celebrate, he just bought one of the worst teams in the NFL, with the pledge of a similar turnaround. Only in America, folks. Also... Drew Brees Tops List of The Highest-Paid Football Players: Brees joined the reeling New Orleans Saints in 2006 as a free agent in a deal worth $60 million over six years. It turned out to be the perfect match. Next... Mission Impossible: How Rakuten Billionaire Hiroshi Mikitani Plans to ´´Beat Amazon´´. Behind Mikitani’s quiet demeanor is a 47-year-old maverick in Japanese corporate culture with almost outrageous global plans. We´ll also tell you about... Cash Kings 2012: Hip-Hop´s Top Earners - Boosted by Dr. Dre´s $110-million payday, rap´s top 10 raked in $338 million. Then... Stanford Accelerator StartX Receives $800,000 Grant From Kauffman Foundation - Cameron Teitelman´s start-up provides entrepreneurs with a community, mentors, stipends, and legal support. Followed by... Nest Labs Brings Apple Magic to Thermostats. If that sounds a little nuts, founder Tony Fadell - rich from his shares in Apple and retired - didn’t care. He could afford a fling. And in our final story... Perfect Pitch: How Droga5 Is Making Ads You Can´t Ignore. Ask advertising guy David Droga what’s wrong with advertising and you get a blunt answer. ´´Ninety-five percent of advertising is pollution.´´ 1. Language: English. Narrator: Ken Borgers. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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